Friday, July 24, 2009

Koodo Mobile Advertisment

I wanted to post this ad, not because it's awesome (which it's not) but because they make braces look kinda cool (only really because of the sparkly part).

They should have hired me as the model. Nuff said.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Death to Wisdom Teeth

On my three month braces anniversary, I got the privilege of getting 3 wisdom teeth yanked out... two normal ones on the top and one impacted on the bottom left.

Removal of my wisdom teeth is an important part to prepare for the jaw surgery. I had to get them out at least 6 months prior to the jaw surgery so that they can heal properly. Maybe since I got them out earlier than planned I may be able to have the surgery earlier! I'm going to ask my orthodontist at my next tune-up and make sure to give an update :)

It was a really easy and painless process. I got to the oral surgeons office at 10:45 and they had me in the chair by 11 am. They drugged me up with a little laughing gas and some IV sedation. I immediately zonked out and about 30 min later woke up and didn't even realize the surgery had already happened!

They gave me an ice-pack, penicillin and ibuprofen for the pain and healing... and some harder pain meds in case the ibuprofen wasn't working. I haven't really had to take the harder stuff yet because its been very tolerable thus far. I've been icing the lower left side several times per day to ensure there is minimal swelling.

24 hours after you have the surgery you need to rinse your mouth with salt water several times a day (including right after meal times). This continues for about 2 weeks to ensure that everything heals properly.

My face is a little swollen on the bottom left side (where the impacted tooth was removed). Here is a picture from today (day 2). Not to bad!

P.s. On a side tangent... after the surgery when I was still at the oral surgeons office, I proceeded to tell the nurse about this very funny video on YouTube that involves a dad filming his kid high on meds after getting some stitches in his mouth. She probably thought I was way too high and not making sense....but it's very funny and I reccomend you watch it:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

T-Shirt of the Week

My friend Claire found this spectacular T-shirt.

"Braces are thuper hot!" You know they denying it.

You can buy this shirt by clicking here
If any of you out there in Bracesland find a crazy braces shirt like this, send it my way and I'll make sure to feature it as a "T-shirt of the Week"!