Friday, April 9, 2010


Happy Spring!

This month I am celebrating my ONE YEAR BRACES ANNIVERSARY! Holy crap! I seriously cannot believe that it's been one entire year (as of April 21) that I've had these suckers on. Sometimes it feels like I've had them on my entire life and other times it feels like it's only been a few months!

So... on to the big news that's bringing in my one-year anniversary - my jaw surgery is officially booked for SEPTEMBER 23, 2010. That's only 144 days until my new and improved face is here!!! (that's actually a saying I've never understood - how can something be NEW and be IMPROVED? You can't improve something that is brand new...anyways... tangent).

I guess finally booking my surgery date is a good thing, but I am NOT happy that it's in fricken September...GRRRRRR. I am actually ready to go in for surgery as of MAY, but my Oral Surgeon does not have any surgery dates open before the September one. UUUGGGGGGHHHH. I don't know anything more annoying for one of the MOST IMPATIENT PEOPLE IN THIS UNIVERSE (moi). So, to make things a little bit better, I am on a waiting list to get an earlier surgery date (everyone cross their fingers for me that someone cancels and they can schedule me for June or July!!!).

To help myself vent, I've put together a list of pros and cons as to having the surgery in effin September. Here we go:

- My face won't be messed up for my birthday in June
- My work will be very busy in June, so I won't feel like I'm leaving them hanging
- It's probably less hot in my apartment at the end of Sept than the summer
(I can seriously only think of 3)

Cons (here we go...):
- I have to wait 4 months in limbo. I asked my Ortho if he could do anything to better my teeth while waiting those 4 extra months and he didn't sound very convincing. He said something along the lines of "refining" my teeth...yeah ok. He's just trying to make me feel better. However, he did say that he would give my OS a call and see if he can work some magic to get me a closer date. 4 months in limbo also potentially means 4 extra months of braces at the end of it all.
- I am now on a waiting list which means that they could call me one week before an available surgery date and I would have to drop all my plans for the next month and ask my work to do me a huge favor and let me take 2-3 weeks off unplanned
- My best friend, who is in medical school, offered to come up and take care of me in June for a few weeks... and now she probably won't be able to (but there is a small chance she can come in Sept if I don't get a date closer)
- I have to keep all this cashmoney in my bank account for the surgery pre-assessment work that I CANNOT SPEND! Do you know how HARD that is?!!! haha
- As I mentioned before, I am very very very impatient and making me wait 4 extra months will probably make me anxious and over think everything. We shall see..
- Did I mention I hate WAITING??? uggghh.

OK that's enough of me being a Debbie Downer... I'm usually extremely optimistic about crappy situations... but sometimes venting for a few hours or a day can help a ton! (My bf already got an earful of it the day I had my surgery assessment - I felt for him).

So I'm looking out to you guys, my lovely fans, to give me some optimistic points to help me get through this long-ass wait.

On a side note - I learned that if you have to wear the white power chain across your front teeth, don't eat a large amount of curry/tomato paste... it will stain the white elastic a gross yellow color. So sexy.

Hopefully there will be some good news soon! I'll post as soon as I hear anything and about my adventures on getting ready for the surgery.


P.s. I got those "buttons" off the insides of my upper right teeth! Wahoo!