Monday, February 14, 2011

Neon Pink & Root Canals

Happy Valentines Day!

Good news and bad news since I last blogged.

Good news:

1) I now have NEON PINK ligatures on my braces... and will have them on for the next two weeks! I feel like a huge geek and I kinda love it.

2) I'm still on track to get my braces off on MARCH 2!!! That's 16 days away. I still can't believe how fast the time has actually gone by.

Bad news:

I had TWO fricken root canals last week. Yeah I know. As soon as I thought my dental hell was coming to an end... they had to spring that surprise on me. It hurt like hell when the root canal specialist stuck the general anesthetic needles in my gums. They had to put temporary fillings in the teeth for now until I get my braces off and get the insides bleached. After that I get the permanent fillings. So until then, the specialist said I have to be very careful with what I eat and ensure I don't put any extra pressure on those teeth or bite into anything hard. Ugh. I booked the permanent fillings and bleaching for later in the day after I get the braces off... so only 2 more weeks of being careful.

Just a short update for now!


P.s. adding an after-thought! I forgot to mention that they took my last molds today! They took top and bottom molds and a "bite" wax mold thingy. This is to make my permanent retainers (in the back of my teeth) and my clear retainer (looks like invisalign). It's so close I can't handle it anymore!!!