Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 17: Labour-Free Weekend

Hello hello!!!

I hope everyone had a marvelous long weekend! I know I did... it was very relaxing and just what I needed before heading back to work (part time) this week.

Here are the photos from the past few days:

Day 17 (Today)

Day 16 (Yesterday)

I forgot to take pictures on Saturday (Day 15). Arggghh! But from the way I'm healing now it would not have been much difference from Day 14.

This weekend was filled with the game called "What can Alexis eat that isn't liquid!?" It turned out to be a great game and here is a list of items I ate that were not liquid/mush:
  • Piece of whole grain toast with butter, natural peanut butter and jam (also microwaved to make softer). I had to chop it up into tiny little pieces and swallow but it hit the spot!!! I Couldn't eat the crusts though, they were too hard.
  • HUGE freshly made waffle with chocolate sauce, bananas, maple syrup and vanilla frozen yogurt. I poured all of the toppings on top of the made waffle (I really should have taken a photo for you guys) and cut it up. It literally melted in my mouth it was sooooo fricken good. That waffle was probably all of the calories in one meal that I would eat in a whole day. Ha!
  • Whole grain penne pasta with a garlic, oil & Parmesan sauce. I boiled the penne as much as possible to make it very soft and then I cut it up. It was pretty tasty but took some effort to mash the pasta against the roof of my mouth once it was getting a little cold/hard.
  • Scrambled eggs (with one egg yolk and 3 egg whites). My boyfriend made them every morning this weekend and he added feta one day and Parmesan another. He makes the best scrambled eggs I've ever tasted. YUMYUMYUM. Those were super easy to eat because you can chop them into tiny pieces and swallow without having to mash them up
  • Seaweed salad from a sushi takeout place. Cut it up! It made me realise how much I've been missing my fresh greens! I'm really thinking of getting a large take out container tomorrow and eating it every day to get some of those nutrients in me!
Next subject...NUMBNESS - Here is a photo where I've circled all of the areas that are still numb:It still seems to be really focused on the left side (as before). Everyday seems a little less. For instance I can now feel some of the sides of my chin and it's mainly in the middle from the middle of my bottom lip to just before my chin curves under. This is basically where the screws are, so it makes sense. The numbness in my upper left lip causes my lips to look kind of weird when I'm talking or smiling. I have no control over it, so it just moves along with the other half of lip. People have told me it looks like it's numb too, so I'm really hoping this is one of the things that goes away quicker! The chin doesn't bother me as much... it really has no purpose other than making my profile look good.

Today was my first day I've tried to kick the Tylenol pain meds... and it's been a success! I haven't taken one all day and I have not felt any pain. This is very good news... I hate having to take any kind of medication for a long period of time.

As I mentioned in the last blog post, I now have to wear tight elastics at night time. They have been pretty easy to put on and take off. However they are pretty darn tight. I'm glad I'm still taking the Ativan at night or else I think I would have a hard time sleeping with them on. Ativan is the last pain med I need to kick to the curb from the surgery, but I'm not ready for that yet. Maybe I'll try next weekend. I just need to ensure I won't grind my teeth!

I haven't really received any questions from you guys! Does anybody want to know anything that I haven't already covered?

I hope you all have a great night and I'm excited to tell you all about my first day back at work tomorrow!



  1. You look great, looks like you are healing fast! Can you tell us more about the laser treatments? I've never heard of them.

  2. Hi Louise,

    It's cold laser therapy where I put these 3 inch square pads on my face where the screws are located. They sit there for about 9 minutes and the pads send light lasers through my skin to help the blood move and heal the wound faster. I'm not sure of the exact name/product, but I'll try to get it the next time I go.

    Thanks for reading my blog!


  3. Hi Alexis!
    You hardly look like you just had this surgery! is the drooling? I have read a couple of blogs where at the 2 week/3 week mark drooling is still a problem. And, of course going back to work for me and drooling all over the place does not sound like fun!
    Also, straws, why can't you use a straw to take down fluids?
    Really enjoy your blog! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Hi Brent,

    Thank you! It still feels like I had the surgery, but true that it's looking less like I am in any sort of post-op. For your question, I really havent had any drooling problems. Since I hardly have any numbness in my lower lip, I can feel everything.

    For straws, they told me not to use them at the beginning because I wouldnt have the function to suck... but I tried the other day and it worked!

    Have a wonderful day too Brent!