Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 12: The Better To Bite You With My Dear...

I'm almost at 2 weeks! INSANE!!

Here are the photos of the day (I got my hair did - feels awesome!):

I decided to start putting the smiling photos first because I don't look like a goober anymore when I smile (well at least I don't think I do). I also made a video today! I'll post it as a separate post so it's easier to find later on.

So today was a great day in my little world! I got my hair done (cut and colour) and it made me feel sooooo much better. I am feeling like myself more and more each day.

I started using a tooth brush (a children's one of course) last night! It's been a great success so far. I am staying FAR away from the stitches though and really trying to focus around the brackets and my tongue. My mouth feels so fresh and clean! I'm still using the medical rinse too since I can't funny brush my teeth (can't really get inside of my mouth, so it's just the outer fronts and sides). The toothbrush I have is pretty cute, I got it from my dentist and it's got some Crayola game on it. Toothbrush makers should really use this idea for adult brushes - I'd MUCH rather buy a brush that has a fun game on it than some boring one.

I had another laser therapy session on the stitches - they are healing up quite well apparently! I won't have another one until Sunday or Monday, so it will be interesting to see whether my oral surgeon notices that it's healing faster than normal. Stitches are still there by the way... the have not fallen out yet. I also noticed that the inner part of my upper lip has stitches in it. I guess when they cut my upper jaw they must have cut the inside of my lip too (to provide more room?). This is for sure the cause of the puffiness still in the skin between my nose and my upper lip. I'm going to try to take some photos of the stitches for you guys (if my Blackberry allows it - I'll try to post it within the next few days).

I made a delicious soup/mush today! Ingredients include: beef broth, sauteed onions, mushrooms, extra lean sirloin beef, lima beans and an assortment of peas/lentils/grains. I sauteed/boiled everything and then let it all cool down. Then I blended it to a pulp! I tasted it and it's pretty delicious. It made about 8 containers (put most in the freezer) - so I hope I don't get bored of it before it runs out.

Swelling down a little bit. I'm still finding that the swelling is the worst in the morning and then goes down throughout the day.

I was reading some fashion/beauty magazine today and I came across an article on Beyonce's beauty routine and she said that she uses Aquaphor (medicated lip balm) for her lips to ensure they stay soft and smooth. I loved to read that because I've been using since Day 1 post-op and my lips seem to be in amazing condition! I'm thinking that I will continue to use it everyday for the rest of my life now. I probably have to anyways because the only size they had at the pharmacy was 400 g... which is pretty much 5 years worth of lip balm - ha!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow! I'm heading into my office to see everyone! If any of you are reading this from my office - I'll see you soon!!!

Also, I wanted to give a big shout out to SAGAL at my office! It's her birthday tommorow - HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAGAL!!!!!!

That's all for now... WATCH THE VIDEO :)


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  1. awww...thank you so much, Alexis!!! you're even more STUNNING post-surgery! craziness..i'm really happy for you!

    and i just had the cupcake you gave me (yes, at 8:45am) and it was AMAZING lol. thank you, thank you!


    - Sagal