Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 39: Last Post-Op Visit (until the braces come off!)

I thought I'd spice things up a bit in the photo area and show you a REAL photo of me post-op! This photo was taken 2 weekends ago at a wedding! I'm with my bf and his wonderful aunt who made me so many delicious foods during my recovery :)

So I had my last post-op appointment today with my oral surgeon!!! He said that I don't have to see him again until AFTER my braces are off! He said I look amazing for 6 weeks post op and couldn't be happier with the results! AND that he can't forsee my braces being on for that much longer (FINGERS CROSSED!!!).

I asked him some questions, which I'll list for you with the answers:

1) When can I chew again?
Answer - NOW!!!!! He said I can start chewing as of today, but that I should take caution and chew soft foods for now - nothing too crunchy! This was seriously the BEST news I could have gotten! I have been so tired of eating mush and this will be an excellent way to get my appetite back up!

2) My lips are still a bit seperated when I'm at rest - will this get better as I recover and once I get my braces off?
Answer - This will get a bit better once the swelling is totally gone and the braces come off. He said that my lips may still be seperated a bit at rest but if I continue to build up my lip muscles it may help it out (how does one build up lip muscles?!).

3) I heard Vitamin B12 is good for nerve regeneration - is this true? Is there something else I can use?
Answer - He said that he hasnt really heard about B12 being that good. He said these things do take time and that all of the numbness should go away by the 6 month mark. (not 2 years like I thought!)

4) I have a weird numb spot on my chin that puffs out when I close my mouth - will this go away with time?
Answer - It should go away but I should make not of the progress of it and come see him if it's still there when I get my braces off.

So tommorow morning is my first orthodontist appointment since my operation! Hopefully he gives me good news :)

Sleep well everyone!


  1. You look great! Congratulations! I have been following your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your story! My surgery date is May 2011.

  2. Hi Anonymous! Thank you for reading my blog - I really do appreicate it!

    You should start a blog about your surgery in May and your progress :)


  3. Alexis- Looking good girl! Thanks for being so detailed with everything. Really helps as I am 10 days away from surgery! I told my husband he will have to take pics of me in the hospital and he was like why on earth do you want pics of that?!?! Well, to put on my blog to help others know what to expect, of course! :) Can't wait to hear what your ortho says!

  4. Hi Alexis!
    Congrats on the chewing! I think the course of nutrition and recover that you have set for yourself have been been great choices and therefore the vitimin B12 would also work amazing for you! Not too much longer and you will be out of braces and this will all just be an amazing journey to you!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Beautiful pic! Glad you are doing well and moving forward in this journey. Congrats to you!

  6. Okay, I now have my blog started! I don't know how to officially follow you but I added your page to my links.


  7. FYI, I left the post by 'Anonymous' Sep 29th. ;)

  8. @Mandy - Your surgery is so close!!! Don't worry :) It will all pass so fast and you won't know where the time went... I'm 45 days in and I can't beleive it!

    @Brent - chewing is possibly the best thing ever. It all feels so new though - weird to be chewing with a new bite! I'm getting used to it little by little

    @Rita - Thank you so much :)

    @BraceFaced - I added you! Can't wait to read up on your progress!

  9. You do look awesome! Gives me hope! I am at day 16 and still look like a who from Dr. Seuss!!!! How long before a noticeable difference in swelling?

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