Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 30: Almost 1 month!!


It's been a week since I last posted - here are my pictures from Day 30:

It's been a week of back-to-normalcy! I had a full work week and it really does not feel like I was in recovery for 3 weeks. I feel great considering it was only a month ago that I had the surgery. I'd say I have about 5% of swelling left. Once month (on average) to go until all the swelling is supposed to be gone! It's mostly focused around my upper lip area below my nose and to the left and right of that area.

All of the stitches have fallen out (I think)! It at least feels like they've all fallen out. I find it kind of cool to see the scars in my mouth from where the stitches were. they are just little whitish lines, nothing severe. For now they are ok... but I`m hoping they go away in the long run.

The numbness is prevailing. My chin and upper left lip are still numb... but I'm getting some little electric pulses (or what feels like that) in those areas. Before it felt like the skin above the left lip was also numb, but either I was mistaken or the feeling has come back!

I saw a lot of people this week that I have not seen in a very long time, and who don`t know about my surgery (I think). I got a lot of odd stares from them trying to figure out what has changed about me... which also led to a lot of compliments. It's nice to know that people who don't know about my surgery can't tell that I'm still swollen - only those who've seen me post-surgery and who have been reading my blog can tell.

In the mornings my face still feels more swollen and goes down within the first few hours of my day. The pattern is also the same for the stiffness (goes along with the swelling) that I feel in my mouth.

I've been trying to get off Ativan... I only have a few pills left so I need to stop taking them to go to sleep ASAP! In the last week I've been trying to take 1/2 the dosage and it's been working ok. Some nights I had to take the full dose. I'm also still taking Tylenol - this helps with the swelling throughout the day.

I've gone to a few social outings since last week and apparently I'm not photogenic at the moment. It seems like I can only take an ok picture when I'm doing the self shots (for the blog)... but when it comes to posing, I haven't gotten my smile just right yet. I'm sure it has a lot to do with the numbness (AND THE DARN SURGICAL WIRES THAT MAKE MY TEETH LOOK GREY!!! I seriously cannot wait until next week when I get them off.)

That's all for now!! Any questions for 1 month post-op!?!?!

Thank you to everyone who is still reading my blog - I really appreciate your support :)



  1. Looking great! So jealous that you're so far along.:) Can't wait to hear how the rest of the progress goes!

  2. WOW! You look amazing! I can't beleive how quickly you've healed. I've followed other blogs and they haven't had swelling go down nearly as well as your swelling has gone down! Must be exciting! Everyday you get one step closer to having your perfect smile :D Keep up the positive attitude!


  3. hey alexis, i am 3 weeks post op of an chin augmentation and my skin under my chin is kind of hard. did you expierience this too? ciao alex

  4. @Claudia - thank you!

    @Alex - I haven't had this problem. However, I have had a weird "chubby" part of my chin that seems to be more swollen than the rest and "puffs" up when I close my lips. I'm not sure that makes any sense at all. Maybe I'll post a photo on my next post and you can tell me if it's kind of the same thing.