Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 18: Hi-Ho Hi-Ho It's Off to Work I Go

Happy Tuesday!

Here are Day 18 photos:

Today was my 1st day back at work (well 1/2 day)! It was really good :) I got to catch up on a lot of emails and see what was going on at the office. The National event that I work on, Shinerama, at the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is in full swing across Canada! University and College students across the nation are fundraising during Orientation Week to raise $1 million this year! Last year we hit $988K, so we're really working hard to hit that $1 million mark. If you feel like doing a good deed today and enjoy reading my blog, then please consider donating on my Fundraising page by clicking HERE! Every little bit counts even if it's $5!!

So working for 1/2 a day was not bad at all! I felt a little tired by 5 pm (I worked 1 pm - 5 pm) I guess because I wasn't used to staring at a computer screen for 4 hours. Everyone at work was happy to see my back and full of energy. It's really great to be part of a team that supports me and my Tin Grin adventure (Thank you Tracey & Trevor and the rest of the CCFF crew!). I'll be back there tomorrow for another 1/2 day and then working from home on Thursday & Friday.

I ditched my "bed rest" pillow last night. I am so sick of sleeping on that thing! I slept on my regular pillows on a slight angle and I didn't wake up anY puffier than I did with the bed rest pillow. So from now on it's regular sleeping for me! I'm hoping this will help with my dizziness that I've been experiencing from sleeping upright for almost 3 weeks.

Besides the pillow thing, not much has changed since yesterday. I guess I'm getting to those blog posts where I talk about random things instead of my recovery because you guys have probably read everything that goes on through my mind all day long!

I did want to point out that I made a mistake when I said I only had 4 screws in my upper jaw, I meant 4 appliances, that have 4 screws in each of them... therefore 16 screws in my upper jaw. Thanks Kevin for pointing that out!

I hope you all have a great Tuesday eve!



  1. Wow, your swelling is really going down fast, you look awesome, especially after only 18 days, congrats!